SUPERSEED™ Extra inoculant

This inoculant is a 75% Si-based ferroalloy especially designed for use in grey iron. It contains balanced additions of strontium and zirconium which are powerful in promoting type A graphite and reducing the risk of nitrogen blowholes respectively. By producing the inoculant with a deliberately low aluminium and calcium content, the likelihood of hydrogen pinholes and slag generation are minimised.

SUPERSEED™ Extra inoculant is produced at the Elkem Bremanger plant in Norway and the Elkem Chicoutimi plant in Canada (click here to go to our plants), using special production methods to ensure maximum uniformity of composition and structure throughout the product.

  • Maximum chill reduction in grey iron
  • Promotes evenly distributed random type A graphite
  • Neutralises nitrogen by tying it up as zirconium nitride
  • Promotes a small graphite flake size, thus minimising graphite pull-out during machining
  • Low aluminium content reduces risk of hydrogen pinholes
  • Effective in grey irons of all sulphur contents


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