SUPERSEED™ inoculant

SUPERSEED​™ inoculant is a specially refined grade of ferrosilicon which has become recognised throughout the world as the most effective inoculant for the elimination of chill in grey iron. Its powerful action is obtained through the presence of small amounts of strontium in its composition.

Unlike most other ferrosilicon inoculants, it does not require the presence of aluminium and calcium to develop its full effect. In fact, small amounts of calcium, seriously reduce the nucleation efficiency of Sr-containing inoculants and are therefore kept at very low levels during its manufacture. Superseed® inoculant is a classic example of fundamental research by an independent organisation and development by an experienced manufacturer into a major product with worldwide sales.

  • Promotes less shrinkage than other inoculants
  • Gives maximum chill reduction in grey iron
  • Extremely effective inoculant for ductile iron when a low Rare Earth containing nodulariser is used
  • Low reactive element content gives less dross and less risk of pinholes
  • Cost-effective due to low addition rate


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