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Zircinoc® inoculant

You can use this excellent general-purpose inoculant in grey, compacted graphite or ductile cast irons. Zircinoc® is widely used in foundries either as a ladle addition or in-stream and gives good chill removal and graphite morphology.

It is a Si-based ferroalloy containing carefully controlled amounts of the active elements zirconium, calcium and aluminium. This gives you good control of chill in both grey and ductile irons and enhances the formation of refined graphite morphology. Zircinoc® inoculant is particularly effective in medium to high sulphur grey irons and finds extensive application in ductile iron.

  • More potent than other foundry grade inoculants in grey and ductile irons
  • Applicable over a wide range of foundry conditions
  • Fade resistant
  • Easily soluble even at lower casting temperatures
  • Suitable for late metal stream applications