ELCAST™ inserts

ELCAST™ inserts are suitable for the inoculation of grey, ductile and compacted graphite cast irons. By placing ELCAST™ inserts in the pouring basin or within a locating slot in a mould cavity, the maximum late stage inoculating effect is achieved. ELCAST™ inserts start at 2 kg and are produced in weights up to 30 kg.

The use of ELCAST™ blocks in the pouring basin or placed in the runner system ensure the latest possible addition of inoculant to the casting, thus both adding nucleation and reducing fade.
Very often, ELCAST™ inserts are used as a part of a multi-inoculant addition in wind energy and other large ductile iron castings.
Chemically, ELCAST™ inserts contain both calcium and aluminium, both essential elements in the nucleation process. Aluminium, particularly, is known to promote a higher nodule count and ferrite content than some other inoculants.


The main benefits of using ELCAST™ inserts are:

  • Powerful inoculant inserts for grey, compacted and ductile cast irons
  • Produced in sizes to suit most applications
  • Designed to fit existing pattern locations
  • Consistent solution rates
  • More powerful inoculation than conventional ladle inoculation
  • Late effect minimises fade
  • Promotes ferrite