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Elgraph® Premium recarburiser

Elgraph® Premium recarburiser is specially formulated as a carbon raiser for steel and grey iron castings, with particular emphasis on high purity, high carbon recovery, rapid solubility and good reproducibility. Elgraph® Premium Grade Recarburiser with its' low nitrogen content is especially suited for production of grey iron and some ductile operations. The technology developed for Elgraph® Premium is based on knowledge gained from 100 years of Elkem electrode paste production. Selection, control and testing of raw materials optimise production based on customer needs. Our high-temperature electric calcining process ensures maximum crystallinity of the final product which enhances purity and solubility. Elgraph® Premium recarburiser is available in size grading 0-0.5mm and 0.5 - 5mm.

Higher calcining temperature Elgraph

Image: higher calcining temperature = higher crystalinity

  • High carbon recovery
  • Easy, rapid solubility even with low agitation
  • Consistent quality due to continuous production process
  • Ideal for carbon trimming just prior to casting
  • Low nitrogen/hydrogen levels reduce pinhole risk