Elkem introduces new ductile-iron inoculant at Foundry Conference

Oslo, Norway; April 12, 2021 - A new Elkem bismuth inoculant that cost-effectively improves ductile-iron structures and properties is being introduced at the Elkem Silicon Products virtual booth at the 2021 AFS Metalcasting Congress in the United States. 

This technical conference and exposition is taking place virtually between April 12 and 22, 2021 and is being sponsored by the American Foundry Society (AFS) of Schaumburg, Illinois. The Metalcasting Congress is expected to attract as many as 2,000 foundry personnel and their suppliers worldwide and is the first major foundry conference being sponsored virtually by the Society in its 125-year history.

Foundry personnel attending 2021 AFS Metalcasting Congress can learn about Elkem’s new bismuth alloy, called BisnocTM inoculant, a product being introduced to ductile-iron foundries following extensive laboratory and foundry testing by Elkem’s technical team. These tests show that the new bismuth inoculant improves graphite nodularity and reduces chill in ductile-iron castings if rare earths are present in the ductile-iron nodularising process. This resulting graphite structure provides the strength and other mechanical properties unique to ductile iron.

BisnocTM inoculant is one of Elkem’s unique group of high-performance inoculants, nodularisers, cover alloys, preconditioners, and other specialty alloys that Elkem Silicon Products is featuring at the AFS 2021 Metalcasting Congress. These products improve the production and properties of gray, ductile, and compacted-graphite iron and help foundries produce castings that meet their customers’ requirements.

“Elkem’s complete technical team, including R&D engineers from Norway, will be available virtually at the booth to meet casting producers and users,” said Tony Carrascosa, Elkem’s Sales Manager in the Americas. “Together, we can virtually discuss ways that Elkem’s specialty products can improve individual foundry practices and products.” 

As part of Elkem’s commitment to sharing technical information with foundries, Elkem will be presenting a technical paper on cast-iron inoculation at the 2021 Metalcasting Congress entitled, “The History and Evolution of Inoculants.”  Authored by Elkem’s Cathrine Hartung, Leander Michels, and Robert Logan, this paper describes what is an inoculant, how an inoculant performs, what factors affect inoculant performance, and how to measure inoculant performance in grey and ductile iron.

Copies of the technical paper on inoculation may be obtained at the Elkem Silicon Products’ booth following the presentation.   

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