Elkem Silicon Products to attend UNITECR '22

United States, 8th of March: Elkem Silicon Products looks forward to welcoming you at UNITECR ‘22 at the Chicago Hilton on March 15-18. Our team will be there to answer any commercial or technical questions related to the application and benefits of Elkem Microsilica® and complementary products (SioxX®, AloxX® and EMSIL-DRY™).


UNITECR ‘22 is an opportunity to expand one’s knowledge and network within the Refractory Industry. The Elkem Silicon Products team will be pleased to meet you in person after so long and engage in conversations about ceramic science and engineering. Speakers from various businesses and research centers will be present to talk about some of the most important topics in the industry. UNITECR is the world's foremost gathering of refractory manufacturers, users, technicians, and scientists sharing knowledge in the subject of refractories, on which our world's industry is built. UNITECR ‘22's president Tom Vert considers the refractories sector a resilient one that is vital to the world. Global steel, cement, aluminum and other industries continue to operate as a result of our goods and technologies.


"Refractories as an Essential Global Industry" will be the theme of UNITECR 2022. Naturally, the technical exchange of knowledge on refractories will be at the center of the event. Nonetheless, social contact and the sharing of tales and experiences is what builds relationships and truly enables change. New technologies are needed globally in the climate change area, demanding new and better refractory technical knowledge. The refractory sector continues to contribute to the solution of local and global concerns, making it and its end customers significant resources in the current conversation.

UNITECR ‘22 registrations include a welcoming event at The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, a dinner with entertainment, a poster presentation and a networking event. If you cannot physically attend the event due to travel restrictions, UNITECR ‘22 talks will be recorded and available until May 31, 2022.

Elkem Microsilica® for refractories

Elkem has long been knowledgeable in the field of microsilica technology. We have been at the heart of the development of castable technology for over half a century. A refractory product can benefit from the addition of microsilica; the sub-micron particles aid in efficient particle packing and enable the production of self-flowing castables with minimal water addition. Not only is microsilica a filler and flow enhancer, but it also imparts beneficial high temperature characteristics to the castable. The powder is highly reactive during sintering due to minute particles with a high specific surface area.


Today, Elkem Silicon Products is prioritizing sustainability in our business strategy. Our global climate strategy was recently released, which describes our objectives to reduce emissions to net zero while growing green transition supplies. With a mission to reduce our carbon footprint by increasing the use of renewable carbon sources, Elkem is according more and more importance to circularity and completing life cycle analyses in order to understand our products' carbon footprint. Refractories are important players in the ongoing climate change conversation and Elkem ensures that its products are manufactured in sustainable ways as much as possible.

Elkem Silicon Products welcomes you at UNITECR'22, where our team will be available to talk about refractories and answer questions you may have. Please look for us at in the Exhibit Hall at Booth #202.

For more information about this event please visit Unified International Technical Conference on Refractories (UNITECR 2022)  or contact us.