Elkem Silicon Products at FENAF 2022

Brazil, May 31st: Elkem Silicon Products is looking forward to attending the Latin American Foundry Fair 2022 at the Pro Magno Events Center on June 13th –June 16th, where our team will be available to discuss the future of foundries with you.

FENAF is known to be the main foundry fair in the whole of Latin America, bringing together major stakeholders in the foundry industry. This year's theme is Foundry and its Challenges; topics like the competitive international foundry market and sustainability are in the programme, offering visitors the best edition of FENAF so far. 

Foundry products from local production

Elkem’s plant in Limpio, Paraguay, offers foundry alloys to both the global and the local South American market. The plant is using 100% biocarbon as a reductant for the furnaces, as well as running entirely on hydropower from the Itaipu powerplant. This makes Elkem’s latest foundry alloys plant one of the most sustainable so far.

The biocarbon used is gathered in Elkem Limpio from sustainable eucalyptus plantations that were cultivated with the intention of harvesting biocarbon. There will be no deforestation of natural forests as a result of this method.

The quartz used during ferrosilicon production is also extracted locally, resulting in a minimal CO₂ footprint. Elkem acquires quartz from its own mines and from sustainable suppliers, ensuring that the quartz used in Elkem's procedures is of the highest grade.

Technical advice

Throughout your casting process, Elkem can assist you with more than simply alloy selection; we collaborate with you on custom solutions to increase casting quality at the lowest possible cost. As part of our integrated service for our valued clients, our internationally located technical engineers give on-site help and guidance. Our metallographic laboratories back this up by offering extensive analysis to scientifically demonstrate the worth of our initiatives.

Visit our booth at FENAF 2022 to get insights about the technical advice that we offer. Elkem is committed to building strong, long-lasting partnerships with you.


Elkem Silicon Products is highlighting sustainability by taking action such as developing a more circular approach to working, completing life cycle analyses of its products, and prioritising renewable sources of energy during production. Our global climate strategy describes Elkem's plan of action to lower its carbon footprint by utilizing more renewable carbon sources and creating innovative production procedures. This year, Elkem has been rated in the top 1% of global companies on sustainability by Ecovadis, one of the biggest and most reputable producers of company sustainability ratings in the world. The journey to sustainability is continuous and Elkem is committed to keep striving towards it, with ambitious goals such as increasing the biocarbon share to 50% by 2030 globally.

Elkem Silicon Products is excited to welcome you at FENAF 2022 and discuss topics related to the future of the foundry industry together.