Elkem Silicon Products is excited to be attending the AMI Cables Conference 2022

Germany, 4th of March 2022: From 14 to 16 March Elkem Silicon Products will be attending the AMI Cables Conference at Maritim Hotel, Cologne, Germany. Our team will be present to showcase the benefits of Sidistar® in flame retardant solutions to the cables industry.

Cables Europe has established itself as the industry's main event, having been held for over two decades and attracting over 250 participants each year, including most of the leading cable suppliers. The AMI Cables Conference will be a platform for identifying polymeric materials' wire and cable applications in Europe. The wire and cable industry in Europe continues to be pushed by infrastructure and construction. The event will bring together the whole supply chain to address the fast-changing business climate, giving suppliers and customers the opportunity to network and interact.

Sidistar® polymer additives

Elkem Silicon Products’ Sidistar ® polymer additives are a group of products used in the polymer industry for improving processing and flame retardancy characteristics. Sidistar® is a unique amorphous spherical semi-nano sized silicon dioxide, which is dispersible down to primary particles in a polymer matrix. Due to these physical properties, it displays both improved processing as well as synergistic effects in flame retardant compounds.

Sustainability and circularity

Elkem Silicon Products is more committed to sustainability than ever before. Our newly issued global climate strategy, which describes our objectives to reduce emissions to net zero while growing green transition supplies, is an essential area of innovation. Elkem's mission is to reduce its carbon footprint by increasing the use of renewable carbon sources and developing new manufacturing techniques. On top of that, Elkem Silicon Products has recently been rated in the top 1% on sustainability by Ecovadis, one of the world’s largest and most trusted providers of business sustainability ratings. Elkem’s extensive utilisation of hydropower contributes to its’ sustainability, amongst other strong initiatives.

Elkem Silicon Products is looking forward to meeting you at the AMI Cables Conference, where our team will be more than happy to discuss topics related to the wire and cables industry and answer all your questions about our products.

For more information about this event please visit: Home - Cables (ami-events.com) , or contact us.