Elkem to Exhibit Specialty Alloys for Cast Iron at FundiExpo 2022 in Mexico

Monterrey, Mexico, September 14, 2022: Elkem Silicon Products – together with Martin Foundry Products, Elkem’s distributor in Mexico – will exhibit its high-performance foundry alloys at FundiExpo 2022 in Monterrey, Mexico from September 28 to 30, 2022. Elkem’s unique foundry alloys improve the properties and production of grey, ductile, and compacted-graphite iron castings.  

FundiExpo is the major foundry conference and exposition in Mexico and brings together foundry operators and metallurgists, researchers, suppliers, and academics to discuss ideas and solutions that will improve ferrous and non-ferrous castings.

A wide array of products

Among Elkem’s products being featured at FundiExpo 2022 are specialty inoculants, nodularisers, cover conditioners, preconditioners, and ferrosilicon products. These alloys help iron foundries produce the casting specifications required by foundry customers. Among those specifications are chill-free iron that gives better machinability, improved graphite structures that improve mechanical properties, lack of casting porosity and other defects, and lower total costs.

“Elkem looks forward to joining Martin Foundry Products at our FundiExpo booth as we discuss our products with Mexican casting producers and users,” said Tony Carrascosa, Elkem’s Sales Director in North America. “Together, we can find ways that Elkem’s specialty products can improve individual foundry practices and products.”

Presentation of technical paper

Elkem will also be presenting a technical paper at FundiExpo 2022 entitled, “Thermochemical Evaluation of Cast Iron Slags Generated from a Holding Furnace.” In this paper, Elkem authors Cathrine Hartung, Leander Michels, Matthew Liptak, and Robert Logan analyze the characteristics of what they call “good” and “bad” slag. They also give suggestions on the ways foundries might increase good slag that can be easily removed, reducing the chance of defects in iron castings.


In addition to supplying foundries worldwide from plants on four continents, Elkem Silicon Products minimizes the environmental impact of its operations by doing life cycle analyses on its products and prioritizing renewable energy sources throughout the production process. Elkem's global climate roadmap lays out the company’s intentions to lower its carbon footprint by using more renewable carbon sources and creating new production processes.

For further information on this conference, please visit Fundiexpo | Monterrey 2022 (fundiexpo2022.com). For further information on this press release, please contact John Crane at johncrane88@gmail.com or by phone at 212-302-3344.