Improving dynamic fatigue

Fatigue enhancing properties in Sidistar®

When adding Sidistar® to an elastomeric compound, one can achieve improvement of dynamic fatigue life up to 30 – 50%. These results can be obtained in a wide range of elastomers like NR, EPDM, BIIR and even FKM. The fatigue improvement finds its origin in the spherical shape and capability of dispersing down to primary particles. Sidistar® primary particles have a mean particle size of 150 nm. The most commonly used Sidistar® dosage, for these fatigue life improvements, lays in the range of 10 – 15 phr. There is little to no influence observed for physical properties and hardness of the final product.
Today Sidistar® is mainly used for its fatigue enhancing properties in applications like: anti-vibration pads, bushings and power transmission belts.