Lyndcoat™ Single Releases

Elkem Silicones’ innovative solutions provide a visible sprayed deposit that becomes transparent after cure.

Used to work with black, brown, white or gray inside paints that leave your tires and workplace dirty? Used to work with filler free inside paints and having to cope with trapped air issues?

Try our latest technology of clean operation single release inside paints that allow for blemish free tire production, spotless cured tires and better conditions in final finishing and quality inspection.

The new technology allows for excellent tire centering during bladder inflation for perfectly balanced tires.

The Mica/Talc free products provide efficient air evacuation promotion while protecting sensitive inner liners. Eliminating the classical fillers helps to avoid inner liner cracks. Elkem Silicones new single release generation provides air evacuation by alternate means.

The products are well adapted to ROF tire production, where the tire's inner liner show increased sensitivity to crack formation. The products are also used successfully for Sealant and Silent tire types. Chemical or laser cleaning operations can further improve the adhesion of silencing foam application, but they are not necessarily required.

The hydrogen free formulations have little odor and allow for secure operations. The release film, although highly efficient, does not permanently render the inner liner surface anti-adhesive, nor does it create any splice issues.

The latest generation single releases allow for easy application even by airless spray systems.

Elkem Silicones innovative solutions make the sprayed layer visible, while allowing for a completely transparent aspect after cure.

Come and meet us at the tire technology expo, booth C610, for more information.

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