New Foam Control Agent For Pulp Operations

Difficulties for persistent control of foam in pulp operations

Pulp and paper makers need to reduce excessive foam created in the pulping process, when extracting cellulose fibers from wood, and during the washing process when making products such as Kraft brown-stock. To do this, they use foam control formulations, ‘antifoams’ or ‘defoamers’. To be competitive, pulp manufacturers are constantly seeking to lower costs and to use less water, energy and chemicals. Also to minimize their impact on the environment.

In all these respects, silicone-based antifoam formulations outperfom mineral-based products, being easier to use - and at lower dosage - to produce better quality pulp. Silicones provide both greater and more rapid knockdown, and more persistent control of foam, and are stable across the extreme pH and temperature conditions needed to make pulp.

A long experience in foam control agents

Elkem Silicones has been helping major clients worldwide for over 30 years, by continuing to develop our full-range of cutting-edge Silcolapse™ foam control agents, formulations and processing aids.

Our experts work closely with the pulp industry’s service companies to provide them upstream support by advising on use of the right products in the most efficient way for cost-effective and environmentally-safe processes.

Downstream, Elkem Silicones provides all the information and certifications needed to comply with regulatory constraints.

Silcolapse™​ foam control agents are a comprehensive and highly effective portfolio of products available in different forms, such as compounds and emulsions. Elkem Silicones has designed certain products for use in non-aqueous media, in addition to aqueous applications like paper pulp.

A persistant foam control agent

Silcolapse™ 910​ is an innovative foam control agent, based on a highly-active silicone compound. Elkem Silicones has specifically designed Silcolapse™ 910 to be the foam control agent of choice for service companies that develop ready-to-use auxiliaries for the pulp industry. Silcolapse™ 910 meets all essential criteria in terms of productivity, reliability and quality, to reduce total cost of operations. Benefits include:

  • Excellent foam knock-down
  • Persistent foam control
  • Lower dosage compared to mineral oil-based antifoams
  • Enhanced efficiency of pulp washing
  • Improved drainage of pulp
  • Ease of use
  • Reduced consumption of chemical additives

Silcolapse™ 910 is Elkem Silicones’ new addition to an already comprehensive range of foam control agents for the pulp and paper industry, alongside time-tested compounds such as Silcolapse™ 801 and Silcolapse™ 825.