The first silicone potting solution for carbide IGBT module dedicated to H&EV

IGBT modules play a vital role in electric vehicles, they are the core technical components of the electric control system of electric vehicles and are critical in energy conversion and transmission. The protection of the chips and other electronic components in the IGBT module is essential to ensure its smooth operation.


To protect IGBT electronic components from environmental impact and corrosion, the common method is to pour the rubber into the IGBT module. After curing, a protective film is formed on the surface of the electronic components to ensure the normal operation of the chip. However, compared with the ordinary IGBT, the requirement of automotive IGBT is higher:

  • Good mechanical strength: Due to the uncertainty of vehicle condition, the automobile grade IGBT module will be subject to great vibration and impact during the vehicle driving.
  • Stability: The operating conditions of new energy vehicles are more challenging, the internal environment of the electronic control system is complex, and the internal temperature is very high. The IGBT power module, as the main power conversion component of the electronic control system, is also in high load operation for a long time.
  • High temperature resistance: Many IGBT manufacturers use silicone carbide IGBT modules with high power in order to improve the endurance mileage, the joint temperature of such templates needs to reach no less than 200 ℃. Therefore, more and more IGBT manufacturers require that this kind of high temperature resistant potting materials can withstand more than 200 ℃.

Elkem Silicones solutions

Recently, the company has been working with one of China’s leading domestic new energy vehicle manufacturer on the development of a new generation of high temperature encapsulating gel BLUESIL™ ESA 6118, meeting the requirements of its high-power silicone carbide IGBT devices.

BLUESIL™ ESA 6118, is a new generation of high temperature resistant silicone gel, our teams has managed to develop a solution that ticked all the boxes required from the NEV manufacturer, which were: high temperature resistance, good mechanical strength and stability of potting adhesive.

Silicone potting solution for carbide IGBT module dedicated to H&EV

The advantages of BLUESIL™ ESA 6118

BLUESIL™ ESA 6118 is a high temperature and high transparency silicone gel. The AB component can be cured by polymerization at 70 degree C / 1 hours.

A durable silicone elastomer film is formed on the IGBT electronic device. This high temperature resistant film can not only effectively protect sensitive components from the influence and corrosion of water, gas, oil or dirt, but also ensure the stable and reliable operation of IGBT in extremely high temperature and harsh environment.

  • The cured BLUESIL™ ESA 6118 elastomer was tested to withstand high temperature aging of no less than 200°C, meeting the key requirements of the customer for high temperature resistant potting materials.
  • The penetration rate of gel has been kept at a stable range. Compared to other silicone product, BLUESIL™ ESA 6118 cured silicone gel will not harden under high temperature, but rather remain soft. This ensures that the IGBT module can run steadily under strong vibration conditions.
  • BLUESIL™ ESA 6118 has low viscosity, is easy to pour and reduces risk of air trapping in contact with electronics components. Therefore, it is very easy to operate. Users can process it through vacuum filling machine with dynamic and static mixers. In addition, the working time of ESA 6118 is long enough, which gives the user the considered time to mix the liquid after passing through the pipeline and cavity. In addition, the operator can also have enough time to operate after the material is poured into the module.
  • BLUESIL™ ESA 6118 poly-addition silicone gel has passed ROHS certification. This is an environmentally friendly material that does not emit heat during vulcanization and has no low-molecular by-products. It has a long service life. It is in line with IGBT as a power converter and can improve power efficiency and quality.

As the most common device for new power semiconductor devices, IGBT’s have been widely used in industries such as On-board Electronics for EV and High Speed Train, Green Energy generation and storage (Windmills, Solar, etc…), 3C (communication, computer, consumer electronics), Aerospace, National Defense and Military Industry, and Strategic emerging industries.

As a global silicone material supplier dedicated to serving the New Energy Automotive Industry, Elkem Silicones has a series of products that meet the needs of various applications.