Ditta Mancini Agnese, art foundry processing specialist

The environment

Pietrasanta is an Italian medieval town renowned for its sculptural creativity.  Located in Versilia, on the coast of northern Tuscany about 30 kilometers north of Pisa and 20 kilometers south of Carrara and its famous marble quarries. Pietrasanta, often called the Little Athens of Italy, is home to numerous artists from all over the world. Those who work with metals, such as bronze or iron, have access to dozens of foundries in the town. These foundries often use silicones for creating lost-wax molding because it is versatile, resistant, easy to use and capable of reproducing the finest details of the original model.

The challenge

As can be seen in the video, the reproduction of the statue involves skilled and experienced craftsmen mastering many complex processes. To be efficient, they need to use the best molding materials, and in particular silicones that are compatible with a wide range of casting materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Getting it right in the foundry is very different from simply getting results in our laboratory environment. This is why Elkem Silicone provides a full range of products and, above all, works hand-in-hand with its customers to make sure they achieve the results they need to meet real-life challenges.

The solution

 Elkem Silicones provides a wide range of high-performance products that have a proven track record in lost-wax casting, which is why the very best foundries use it as their material of choice. In fact, in many cases, they prefer Elkem Silicones rather than low-cost alternatives because of the quality and reliability of our materials: Bluesil™ RTV 3325P Cata 83 and Bluesil™ RTV 3325. This enables them to ensure that the final details of the cast pieces meet the highest artistic and technical criteria. Our partnership with distributor Ditta Mancini Agnese, recognized as a leading specialist, makes us the silicone supplier of choice in this very demanding industry. Ditta Mancini Agnese has built its success through a long-lasting presence locally, working closely with artists and customers, proposing a full-service offer so that foundries make the best use of our silicones.