Partnership in Composite Molding

Why the partnership between Silicones Composites and Elkem Silicones strengthens our relationship with the Composites Industry Manufacturers

Elkem Silicones has been providing silicones for composite molding to our customers for many years. They know they can trust our Bluesil RTV 3720 A&B​ and RTV 3722 A&B products to get the results they need for their markets. They recognize the outstanding quality we provide for their different applications, such as reusable silicone bags for composite molds using "vacuum resin infusion" technology. However, because silicone is a new technology for the composite molding market, replacing thermoplastic bags, we understood that we needed to establish a partnership with an industry specialist acting as a solutions provider. This would enable us to have an open dialogue with end users based on trust, to develop our products and our service offer to help customers achieve their goals using the latest and most efficient silicone technologies.

When we first connected with the composite molding industry, we realized there was a need to supply our customers with more than silicones. They needed to be supported by a skilled supplier of both technologies and services to gain the full benefit of our silicone solutions. In our discussions with Silicone Composites, we realized early on that they had the skills and the determination to develop a working partnership with us, to enhance our relationships with our technical and sales teams and, ultimately, to propose relevant projects to manufacturers using silicones for composite molding. Our customers recognized that, with Elkem Silicones and Silicone Composites, they would be dealing with an alliance devoted to their industry, which was keen to constantly increase our common knowledge base and understanding of specific needs. 

Elkem Silicones is pleased to have built this partnership with Silicone Composites. We know that it will be an extremely beneficial relationship for both organizations as well as the customers we serve together in this challenging industry that is constantly on the lookout for new, efficient and cost-effective solutions. ​

About Silicones Composites, Ltd

Silicone Composites Ltd​ is a specialist company with many years' experience in the use of silicone in the composites industry. We work in partnership with Composite Integration Ltd; the market leader in RTM and infusion technology. Combining this practical knowledge of silicone processing with Composite Integration's expertise in designing and building world-class processing equipment has enabled us to offer a superb range of silicone spray equipment backed up by an unparalleled depth of composite processing knowledge. Our team has a depth of knowledge of all the various closed-mold processes that allows us to suggest the best process for each application.​