LYNDCOAT™ BR2205 - a clean operation inside paint

Lowering defect rates in tire manufacturing

In tire manufacturing, low defect rates are an important factor in improving productivity. Defect rates tend to be high when tire producers use low performing release agents in tire curing. This occurs as these products are not fully providing all the functions required.

A performing release agent must insure the creation of a continuous protective release film on the bladder. This film represents a durable barrier between the bladder and the uncured tire. Any sticking of the uncured rubber to the bladder surface is so avoided.

The release film on the bladder surface must insure a high slip level during the numerous release cycles. This is to insure perfect centering of the bladder inside the tire to promote optimum tire balance. During operation an excellent slip performance further allows to avoid excessive bladder stretching, and related pinched and folded bladder defects.

Air trapped between the inflating bladder and the green tire will cause defects on the inner liner. The capacity of the release agent to promote the evacuation of the air is important for low defect rates.

Bladders should be kept as fresh as possible during operation with little alteration of the surface during successive release cycles. The release agent can help by protecting the surface and keeping the bladder rubber fresh through reduced oxidation and abrasion phenomena.

A performing release agent has to allow for lowest dirt build up on the spray & curing equipment and provide for clean cured tires. It should ease optical inspection of the cured tires in final finishing & quality control.

All these advantages put together will allow to strongly reduce scrap and press down time in tire production thereby improving the operational results of the tire factory.

A silicone supplier with knowledge of the tire manufacturing industry

Elkem Silicones develops Lyndcoat tire release agents in cooperation with our customers. This allows us to provide optimum tire release performance to our partner plants.

In 2018 our experts have focalized on bladder life issues. This has led to the development of new formulations intended to provide increased bladder service life. A R&D program, in cooperation with a major customer, allowed for the development of improved compositions. These have shown to provide the benefit of further increased bladder service life on top of their established efficiency in operation.

Our Lyndcoat BR2205 inside paint and bladder coating is one of the first to benefit from our latest technological advances. Our customers recognize the success of our efforts and started using the improved Lyndcoat tire release agents. They allow to prolong bladder life by between +30% and +40%, which implies reduced press downtimes, improving the overall productivity, economic and quality results of the factories.

Multi-release agents that improve tire curing operations​

To provide the best answers to the requirements of tire curing operations our experts at Elkem Silicones developed the durable, filler free, fully transparent and bladder protecting Lyndcoat™ BR2205 multi release formulation. This multi-release silicone agent has been designed to work at low coat weights resulting in a thinner film and reduced consumption. It provides durable slip and a high number of release cycles while avoiding issues with the splice.

The water-based Lyndcoat™ BR2205 emulsion shows a fine particle size distribution and is filler free providing easy spray application even with small diameter precision spray heads.

Lyndcoat™ BR2205 is perfectly compatible with gear pumps, ball bearing pressure regulators and smallest nozzle size airless spray systems.

Once applied on the rubber surface the water-based emulsion quickly dries forming a thin release layer that provides durable release performance.

The release layer, when applied or transferred to the bladder surface, provides protection from chemical and mechanical aggression.

The number of curing cycles per bladder could be increased by 30-40% reducing press down time significantly.

Elkem Silicones is progressively introducing the new technology in the Lyndcoat tire release range for the benefit of our customers.

The Elkem Silicones R&D team is constantly working on the improvement of our Lyndcoat™​ tire release agent range. If you have specific requirements we are open for discussions on customer specific developments and may provide tailor made solutions.

Ask us, we may provide the most suited solutions for your tire release application.​​​