Elkem Silicones talks up its Lyndcoat™ release agents at Tire Tech 2017

Every year, Tire Technology, a leading international trade show dedicated to—you guessed it— tire technology, attracts tire manufacturers from around the globe. The 2017 edition of the trade show is set to be held in Hannover, Germany from February 14 to 16. This is the place to be for machinery, service, process aid and raw material providers.

We at Elkem Silicones have the pleasure to attend every year, this year being no different. If you can come to the fare please drop in to our stand, we are there for you! We are happy to provide you with insight into our Lyndcoat™ trademark tire release agent range at the Tire Tech 2017. Lyndcoat™ release agents are used in tire curing workshops all over the world for improved productivity and quality. This year, we will be highlighting our new Lyndcoat™ single release range. Our innovative products provide release, slip and air evacuation performance, while insuring clean operation and reduced consumption.

Haven’t heard of them? Well, read on to find out what Lyndcoat™ can do for your tire manufacturing processes.

The magic of Lyndcoat™

Lyndcoat™ is the trademark of our range of tire and bladder release agents, that are used in the final productive step of the tire manufacturing process, the tire curing. If anything goes wrong here all the value created upstream would be lost. At Elkem Silicones, we know that the curing process has to be optimized to provide perfectly cured tires, easily released from the molds. A tall order indeed, but the Lyndcoat™ tire release agent range has been designed with our clients to help you reach that perfection thanks to their various functions:

  • Lubrication. Bladders have to be well centered when they inflate inside a tire. Thanks to the slip properties provided by our products, bladders are guaranteed to position nicely inside the green tires helping to obtain perfectly shaped products.
  • Air evacuation. Air bubbles that become entrapped between the bladder and the green tire will create depressions in the tire inner liner during cure. This would result in a loss of air tightness, inacceptable for tubeless tire designs. Our inside paints therefore are optimized for your operating conditions to provide the right level of air evacuation.
  • Release. As a barrier between the bladder and the tire our release agents prevent the two from sticking together after the curing process has been completed. With our products this function is even promoted in cases where occasionally the release agents were incorrectly applied. Tires sticking to the bladders so belong to the past.
  • Bladder protection. Applied to bladders, our products protect their surface from damage and increase their longevity while reducing press down times.

Lowering your defect rates

Tire manufacturers are judged according to the profitability of their operation. Excellent quality results are paramount in insuring profitability. Defect rates have therefore to be the lowest possible. In some companies we count a list of close to 70 potential defects. Out of these tire release agents may typically impact 5. If a tire is not free of defects it will not be suitable for retail. Optimized release agent formulations will help to reduce significantly your defect rate level so improving your profitability. At Elkem Silicones, we are ready to tailor our release agents to your specific needs where required. We have a history of optimizing our products in cooperation with our clients to perfectly fit their needs.

Product in the spotlight— Lyndcoat BR1214

Lyndcoat BR1214, a tire release agent / inside paint / band ply lubricant, optimized with one of our clients, has seen some serious success in the market replacing classic single releases from competitors. It owes its success to the fact that it is a clean, efficient product. When sprayed on the tires inside it shows a white shade allowing operators to determine that the right quantity was applied. It then dries to a transparent and clean to the touch film insuring both, cleaner tires and spraying booths. What’s more is that you only need half as much product as compared to similar products on the market, thereby cutting your costs. Not to forget that it acts as a particularly efficient lubricant insuring perfect bladder centering, and that it has a bladder protecting function that insures perfect release even if the occasional tire was not correctly treated. These features provide you with the benefit of significantly reduced defect rates and therefore quality related costs.