LYNDCOAT™ BR1214 a reactive single release inside paint for tire makers

Persisting level of tire rejection and waste

In tire manufacturing, low defect rates are an important factor in improving productivity. Defect rates tend to be high when tire producers use older type release agents in tire curing. This occurs because these products occasionally cause “flake-off” from the bladder to drop onto the mold. Transfer of paint remaining on the inside of the cured tire to their outside while handled by operators also cause imperfect and/or dirty tire aspect. This directly impacts the level of rejects and waste.

A tire production free from flake-off and mold pollution

To address this problem, our experts at Elkem Silicones developed the LYNDCOAT™​ BR1214 reactive single release formulation. It has been designed to allow for reduced usage volumes resulting in a thinner film, while still promoting air evacuation. Due to the reactive property of the thin, transparent film it sticks to the bladder surface and helps to protect it from chemical and mechanical aggression.

LYNDCOAT™​ BR1214 ensures clean operations, which is critical for tire manufacturers seeking to reduce defect rates and optimize processes. It features:

  • No paint spills when applied
  • Fast drying to a clean and transparent film
  • Elimination of flake-off and mold pollution
  • No stain on the tire
  • Air evacuation promotion during bladder inflation
  • Bladder protection

LYNDCOAT™ BR1214 works by forming a thin, protective release layer on the bladder surface. It so enables optimal operations, even when there are occasional paint application imperfections  in the release layer applied to the next green tire. This makes it a material of choice for an increased life cycle of the bladder.

LYNDCOAT™ BR1214 further ensures perfect bladder centering because it generates an outstanding slip effect between tire and bladder.

LYNDCOAT™ BR1214's ability to promote air evacuation allows for eliminating trapped air defects on the inner liner, especially in the case of UHP (Ultra-High Performance) tires.

Our single release provides air evacuation with a much lower filler content than other products on the market, thus allowing for thin film application and reduced build-up on the bladder surface.

LYNDCOAT™ BR1214 achieves high performance levels with reduced coat weight, helping manufacturers to generate significant cost savings.

Furthermore, manufacturers can count on the fully integrated supply chain of Elkem Silicones and our worldwide production footprint. This means security of supply, on time delivery and availability of local technical support for our LYNDCOAT™ range of cutting-edge release agents.

Slip effect excellency for perfectly symmetrical tires

Compared to other commonly used products in the market, LYNDCOAT™ BR1214 offers vast operational and cost-effective benefits for tire release, including:

  • Improved quality results in tire manufacturing
  • Tire handling safety and cleaner operations
  • Little build up and mold pollution
  • Lower release agent costs based on highly reduced release agent consumption
  • Better slip performance
  • Easy bladder centering and reduced off-center defects
  • Outstanding rub-off and flake-off resistance
  • Protection against abrasion, oxidation, migration of compounds from the tire to the bladder
  • Reduction of waste
  • Extended bladder life

Thanks to its excellent slip effect LYNDCOAT™​ BR1214 highly reduces buckled and pinched bladder defects and enhances curing conditions to enable production of perfectly symmetrical tires.

This new single release agent provides the highest possible performance levels and the most homogenous balance between durable bladder protection, slip and air bleed promotion.