Automotive Silicone Cables

An ever-increasing demand for wire and cables in automotives

Smart cars with on-board IT, integrated GPS, travel entertainment, power steering, cruise control, air conditioning and temperature regulation, heated seats and countless other features mean that there is an ever-increasing demand for electrical circuits in automotive manufacturing. Silicones cables are particularly used in hybrid and fully electrical motor systems which requires even more wires and cables. With huge fluctuations in temperature under the hood, electrical parts need to be perfectly insulated and fire-resistant and have the flexibility to fit into small areas in the motor compartment. Last but not least, silicones used in transportation must also comply with increasingly stringent quality, environmental and regulatory requirements and be more lightweight.

Silicone cables meeting all the manufacturers requirements

Elkem Silicones provides automobile makers and car parts manufacturers with a full range of silicone HCR rubber compounds and elastomers for automotive cables that tick all the boxes:

  • Dimensional stability and constant dielectric properties at temperatures from -80°C to +250°C
  • Easy processing – suitable for steam, salt bath and radiation curing, as well as hot air vulcanization, ideal for the production of highly flexible cables and wires
  • Reliable insulation and mechanical performance (including long-term vibration resistance) that outperforms organic polymers, with augmented heat and fire resistance, low smoke emissions and non-corrosive and non-toxic combustion gasses.

Full range of solutions for automotive cables

Automotive cable manufacturers know they can trust Elkem Silicones and, in particular, our ability to listen to specific requirements, provide the right products and follow up with close technical support.

Elkem Silicones compounds can therefore be used for making the full range of automotive silicones cables:

  • General-purpose wiring and cabling, including batteries, lighting, HVAC, injection systems, etc.
  • ABS sensor cables with high mechanical resilience to secure proper axle wiring
  • Air-bag safety systems
  • Complex control systems in the engine compartment, including special applications such as fuel pumps immersed in fuel tanks
  • Data cables for onboard IT and entertainment systems

This full range of solutions for automotive cables, such as LV 112 (class E & F) and LV 216 automobile compliant silicones, is available as ready-to-use customized products through our Mix&Fix Centers™, the Elkem Silicones compounding network.