Automotive Silicone Hose

Huge fluctuations in temperature in engine systems

There’s a lot happening under the hood of today’s high performance cars and trucks. With huge fluctuations in temperature in engine systems and cooling systems, automotive silicone hoses allows a high levels of resistance to withstand the effects of air pressure, water flow, fuel injection and corrosive fluids.

These silicone hoses are essential for carmakers who want to deliver what consumers expect: reliability, fuel efficiency, safety and comfort. Silicones used in transportation must also comply with increasingly stringent quality, environmental and regulatory requirements.

Heat resistant hose adapting to various fluids

Elkem Silicones provides automobile makers and parts manufacturers with a full range of silicone HCR rubber compounds and elastomers that have the right mechanical properties, are heat resistant, adapt to various fluids and are easily processed. Our high-duty specialty Bluesil™ HD 1060 and HD 1070 series and the MF 700, 600 and 300 line of solutions have been specifically designed for demanding applications under the hood.

A ready-to-use customized automotive hose

High-duty silicones can be used for:

  • Turbocharger and cooler hoses
  • Exhaust gas recycling systems
  • Intercooler and engine seals
  • Gaskets

All these products can be transformed through molding, calandering and extrusion processes, and offer high and low temperature resistance, compatibility with various fluids and durable mechanical properties (including long-term vibrations resistance).

This range of automotive silicones is available as ready-to-use customized products through the Mix&Fix Centers™, the Elkem Silicones compounding network.