Customized Silicone Rubber Service Solutions

How Elkem Silicones quickly provided custom compounding solutions for a major manufacturer of power systems

A major power systems manufacturer, such as high voltage insulators used by utility companies for distribution and transmission, was experiencing a high level of product demand after a devastating hurricane season damaged eastern Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Due to these storms, utility systems were damaged and destroyed. The customer required larger quantities of silicone rubber compounds to manufacture their product to help repair all the systems that were damaged in the region. 

During this level of high demand, the customer was not receiving the amount of materials needed to meet their customer’s requirements. Their supplier was also unwilling to pre-form the silicone material so that it could readily be run through their machines. In a tight market with suppliers unable to keep up with their demand, the customer had to act quickly to acquire silicone rubber compounds that not only met their specifications, but also enough to help fulfill the large amount of customer orders.

The customer approached Elkem Silicones to resolve their material shortage issue. Through listening and learning what their material requirements were, our team could quickly provide properly formed silicone material that was easily run through the customer’s machines, allowing them to fulfill their demand. The Elkem Silicones custom compounding team was flexible and willing to work directly with the customer’s process.  

In less than a month from the initial request, the Elkem Silicones North America custom compounding team in York, SC delivered the first tailor-made order of 75 tons of material to the customer ready for processing in their machines. 

From reprocessing services, to onsite support and training, to collaboration on new developments, our silicone rubber compounding capabilities at our Mix&Fix Centers closely analyze your specific requirements to design a customized solution that fits your needs.