Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables

Safer cables for public place and buildings

It is essential that electrical wires and cables in public places and buildings conduct electricity properly and are well insulated, thus protecting their integrity and improving safety, even in extreme conditions: cold, heat, moisture, ozone, etc. They must also produce reduced emissions of smoke and effluent gasses in case of fire, making it easier for rescue teams to do their work and save human lives. 

High ceramifying capacities

We have worked hard over many years to improve the performance levels of our silicone rubber (HCR) compounds to produce Low Smoke Zero Halogen cables that have the right mechanical properties, temperature stability (from -50°C to 300°C), high resistance to climatic conditions (bad weather, UV radiation, ozone, salt corrosion, water repellency, etc.) and high ceramifying capacities in case of fire, thus protecting cables and producing low smoke and effluent emissions.

Making your cables Low Smoke Zero Halogen compliant

We have developed customized silicone rubber insulator formulations for cables in public areas that blend master batches, fire resistant additives and respect Low Smoke Zero Halogen classification. Our well-known Bluesil™ MF 8465 HCR range has been widely used by cable manufacturers for many years and our new generation Bluesil™ FRC 8470 range provides even greater performance levels. All these products are available as ready to use compounds in range in a variety of shapes and colors through our Mix&Fix Center™, the Elkem Silicones compounding network. They offer the highest levels of safety and comply with the pan-European EN 50 2000 standard and the national standards of most major countries.