Railways: Fire Resistant Silicones

New and complex regulations for railways

Since April 2013, our customers have had to face new and complex regulations being applied throughout Europe for railways, such as the EN45 545 fire resistance standard for rubber, silicone sealants and flexible materials. They now need to take the fast track to implement various new testing methods for approval. They also need to adjust their processes and the selection of products they use to comply with this new standard. Beyond that, national standards still apply and will have to evolve to be harmonized with this pan-European standard.

Assisting you in the regulatory transition

We have developed good understanding of each country’s railway standards and we can assist you in the regulatory transition process. Elkem Silicones proposes customized solutions that respond to your specific manufacturing needs and comply with national and European standards. Our expert teams can also provide hands-on training for your technicians and operators.

New silicone products with high levels of fire resistance

To respond to this change, we have developed the Bluesil​™ FR 8700 series, a new range of HCR silicone rubber products specifically designed for use in transportation with high levels of fire resistance and low smoke emissions. Bluesil™​​ FR 8700 is available in three grades of hardness for use in making profiles (doors, windows, walls) and panels. These products can all be colored, cured with peroxide and transformed through molding, calandering and extrusion processes. This range is available as ready-to-use products through the Mix&Fix Centers™, the Elkem Silicones compounding network.