Silicone rubber insulators for safety cables to protect people.

Cable manufacturers and installers know that, to ensure people’s safety in places that are hard to reach or difficult to evacuate, they need highly resistant cables that produce reduced emissions of smoke and effluent gasses in case of fire. Silicone rubber insulators makes it easier for rescue teams to do their work and save human lives.

We have an established track record in the production of safety cables used in many applications, such as power distribution, safety equipment and telecommunications. We work closely with our customers to provide expert advice and fast-track development services to deliver customized halogen-free silicone rubber (HCR) solutions that meet the performance criteria you need at the right cost and that comply with the most rigorous safety standards.

We have launched the new generation Bluesil™ FRC 8470 range of silicon rubber for the insulation of safety cables that comply with the main national and international functional circuit integrity standards. We can deliver ready-to-use custom solutions in line with your manufacturing needs and processes. Our new range of cable silicones is available in a variety of shapes and colors through our Mix&Fix™ Centers, the Elkem Silicones compounding network.