New generation of tissue softener

How to choose safe and comfortable hygiene paper ?

Hygiene paper is a must-have item in daily lives. Paper products are needed all the time, no matter at home, in the office or when travelling. Hygiene paper can be divided into two main categories according to its purpose: facial tissue and toilet paper. Both types must have good absorbency and wet-strength but the demands for feel and softness are greater for facial.   These are the considerations for people when choosing tissue paper:​

  1. Thickness : Thin paper breaks too easily and absorbs water poorly. This is why multi-ply tissue paper has become mainstream.
  2. Strength : Even if the paper is thick enough, the plys must not delaminate and if the fibre matrix debonds too easily it will tear.
  3. Safety :  Both tissue paper and toilet paper has intimate contact with our tender skin, so safety is the primary concern. 
  4. Comfort : In choosing hygiene paper, silky-smooth, soft paper products provide consumers with their most comfortable experience.

The choice of Elkem Silicones tissue softener - safer, softer and more comfortable

To meet the ever-increasing demands from consumers, hygiene paper manufacturers keep investing in new technologies, new equipment, and new processing solutions to improve the quality of their paper products and provide consumers with a better experience.​

Elkem Silicones is committed to helping clients improve their competitiveness and deliver their potentials. We are also dedicated to improving the quality of life of end-users, our customers' customers. Elkem is constantly innovating and expanding our products in the hygiene paper industry to bring safer and more comfortable-to-use paper products to people. 

Some level of softening can be achieved mechanically during paper making, but the ultra-softening that modern consumers have come to expect requires additives either into the pulp from which the tissue is made or by surface application to finished tissue.  Elkem Silicones offers customized solutions based on the very different requirements in these 2 stages of the production process.​

New generation of in-pulp softener

Elkem’s existing products  BLUESIL EMUL 21610​, BLUESIL EMUL 21630 and BLUESIL EMUL 21730 are used to impart a silk-like, soft and supple touch to tissue with minimum impact on its strength. Now, Elkem Silicones is introducing a new generation of in-pulp softeners: BLUESIL EMUL 21670 and BLUESIL EMUL 21620. These two new products maintain the silky feel of the previous products, and can further enhance the soft touch of the paper for a more comfortable user experience.

​​Softener for post production

Elkem is also introducing two softeners for post production: BLUESIL EMUL 21830 and BLUESIL EMUL 21300, can be sprayed or roller coated onto the surface of the tissue. Elkem Silicones offers customized solutions to the manufacturers in need of such production processes. Tissues treated with Bluesil™​​ softener in post production are particularly soft and gentle and so especially sutable for consumers with sensitive skin to prevent the ‘red nose’ look that repeated use of traditional tissues may cause.

Elkem Silicones Bluesil™​ tissue softener products, both for in-pulp and post production usage, have the following benefits : 

  • Odorless and compatible with many widely used fragrances;
  • Weakly cationic to ensure excellent adsorption onto tissue fibers;
  • Significantly improved silky touch and softness;
  • Impart an excellent wet feel;
  • Suitable for various application processes, especially for spraying and roller coating;
  • No impact on water absorption or permeability of treated tissues;
  • No yellowing of treated tissues;
  • Improved antistatic and antibacterial properties;
  • Silicones are widely recognized for their inert nature and biocompatibility, so consumers can be assured to use tissues treated with Elkem Silicones softener.