Elkem Silicones’ teams are dedicated to provide you with the best product and the best services.

In 1996, our Research and Development team was awarded its first patent for silicone application in airbags. Twenty years later, Elkem Silicones is a proud actor of this market, and it would certainly not have been possible without a team of professionals, dedicated to their work and their customers.

It all starts with our sales team, devoted to taking good care of our customers. While our sales assistants help our customers with their questions, orders and forecasts, our sales managers are on the field to support and address their concerns. Paloma ESPINOSA, Customer Service Manager in southern Europe, has dedicated her work to ensure the best relationship with our customers:

"We build our relationships with our customers on trust and commitment, and we always feel the involvement is sincere and voluntary on both sides. Stability and experience have been key to offer the best service to our automotive customers, and we are ready for the next 10 years!"

Now that the order is settled, it needs to be integrated into the manufacturing planning. Our production and supply chain departments will make sure that it can be produced and shipped on time to meet the requested delivery date and conditions.

"In the automotive industry, the supply chain is stressed, the level of stock at our customers is optimized and the standard lead times are short. Based on the historical data and the forecast from our customers, we work to optimize the production planning and our stock to be able to deliver our customers On Time and In Full" says Grégoire PICHAT, Global Flow Manager.

The automotive market is in constant evolution, and new products are developed regularly to meet the evolving technical requirements of our customers. This is the role of our Research and Development department to work on innovations and technologies, in order to bring the best of our silicones. Karine BORECKI has spent 10 years in the Textile Coating laboratory, working on silicone coatings for airbags:  

"The airbag application is fascinating! It is one of the few areas where innovation and safety are closely related beyond the field of silicones chemistry. During 10 years, I shared skills with friendly teams all over the world and worked with demanding customers. These years definitely pushed me forward and I really enjoyed them!"

Along with new products, developing new processes is part of the job to meet our customers' satisfaction, on a timely manner. David BEATY, director of industrial developments in North America remembers when, in 2000, a customer needed a new product to be industrialized in a very short timing:

"I remember this one day meeting, when we decided to immediately test and implement the plan. We got things done together, with our customer, as a team, to get the qualification started! The system has evolved over years, obviously, but the basic process is exactly the same as it was decided on that day, 16 years ago."

Once the technology is production, it is time to help our customer use it or sometimes simply troubleshoot any technical issue they might face. In any case, our technical service team is always there to help. Victor LIU, manager of the Shanghai technical service team is passionate about his work:

"The work on airbag applications has taught me that only a team can succeed! Our customers expect a quick and effective response from us, and once they trust our expertise they will work with us on further development. For 20 years, our teams have been innovative, hardworking and never gave up on any kind of technical difficulties."

With a strong focus on innovation, on quality and reliability of our products and services, every single member of the team at Elkem Silicones works toward entire customer satisfaction, as they are all essential to our customers' business. They are powered by passion, as Paul HONOUR, sales manager in Europe, says: "The feeling of achievement once a new program at a customer is started, is incredible."

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