Airbag Silicones

Withstanding high-pressure releases of airbag-inflating propellant

​In vehicles, frontal and side airbags provide added protection to occupants in case an accident occurs. They can help prevent severe injuries, and even save lives. To do their jobs, airbags must deploy intact and extremely fast, without fail, so they can serve as cushions on impact, and then deflate in a controlled amount of time.

The textiles used to make airbag cushions may be coated with silicone. Airbag silicones withstand high-pressure, high-temperature releases of airbag-inflating propellant without tearing or burning. Silicone can also make airbag textiles gastight, so they may be used to prevent occupants’ ejection in case of a rollover event.

In recent years, airbag-cushion manufacturers have developed textiles using polyester yarns as a competitor to nylon (polyamide) yarns for use in airbags. Polyester, however, is more difficult to adhere to silicone coatings than nylon. 

Developing airbag-coating silicones for over 20 years

Elkem Silicones has partnered with customers to develop airbag-coating silicones for 20 years. We draw upon this expertise to achieve optimal and durable silicone adhesion onto even the most difficult substrates, such as those made with polyamide and polyester yarns that can be washed or non-washed. Our track record of success has made us the silicone provider of choice for the world’s leading airbag manufacturers.

Silicone passing all airbag challenges

Elkem Silicones is the first supplier to make products compatible with both polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polyamide (PA). We also offer the only product today that exhibits excellent adhesion and compatibility onto difficult substrates, including polyester. Partner with us to produce airbags that are durable enough to sustain even the most stringent heat and humidity aging tests of the automotive industry. We’ll help you find alternative airbag textile solutions that help you reduce processing costs while upholding the same levels of performance.