Silicone Anti-Slip

Anti-slip and release properties at the same time?

Manufacturers commonly use silicone elastomers as flexible coating systems for technical textiles. They usually do not desire the grip or high-friction properties of silicone coatings in their current products. However, silicones have the unique ability to provide a mild-adhesiveness for some applications that need to exhibit anti-slip and release properties at the same time. How can manufacturers simultaneously exploit these anti-slip and release properties in functional textile applications?

High expertise in the anti-slip and high-grip properties of silicones

Elkem Silicones has developed a wide range of silicone  anti-slip applications for specialty conveyor belts, removable stickers, sports and working gloves, fashion accessories and medical devices to name a few. Our experts understand how to measure and control the anti-slip and high-grip properties of silicones. We’ve also developed a unique test to measure product grip. We’ll work to learn the needs of your end users and the product characteristics they require. Then, we’ll help you take full advantage of the anti-slip and high-grip properties of silicones in your products.

Properties precisely controled based on your needs

When you work with Elkem Silicones, you benefit from our ability to listen to your specific anti-slip requirements. Based on your needs, you’ll receive the right solutions and support from us, from project conception to commercialization.

Choose Elkem Silicones when you require products with different levels of anti-slip properties that can be precisely controlled. You’ll gain access to our state-of-the-art, multi-components system that makes it possible for you to have your own product, with your own level of grip.