Easily ascend mountains with the latest generation of ski skins by Elkem Silicones

​Climbing skins, also known as ski skins, are adhesive-backed pieces of fabric that attach to ski tips and tails and stick to ski bases. Created with small fibers pointing rearward, ski skins prevent skiers from sliding backward while allowing them to glide forward on snowy terrains. By making it possible to quickly and gracefully ascend slopes, ski skins open up all kinds of possible backcountry trails for skiing enthusiasts to pave.

Once at the top of slopes, skiers must remove their ski skins, cover them with a protective film, then roll them up and store them in a backpack or pocket before skiing downhill. To hold up before, during and after use, these skins must be waterproof, as well as resistant to extreme-cold temperatures and ultraviolet rays outdoors. They also need to be reliable and easy for skiers to use at all times. Most ski skins today, however, contain adhesives that do not withstand cold temperatures and contact with the snow. They’re also very rigid, making it difficult for skiers to store ski skins when not in use.

Pomoca – one of the world’s leaders in ski and mountain accessories – turned to Elkem Silicones to create a better ski skin. They came to the right place, because silicone adhesives naturally remain flexible and durable – even in the coldest conditions. Elkem Silicones’ know-how and materials helped Pomoca’s development team create the TIPON membrane and adhesive. Designed to be used in conjunction with top-performing plush, these materials made it possible for Pomoca to manufacture the lightest, thinnest and most durable ski skin on the market.

The materials and technology Pomoca and Elkem Silicones created together give skiers unprecedented performance, even during the most difficult slope ascensions. Skiers now appreciate the high performance, waterproofness, and adhesiveness of Pomoca’s new ski skins. The ski skin membrane delivers safety, comfort and reliability to skiers on many levels. For example, it does not delaminate or fray and it’s 50 percent lighter than any other membrane. Lightweight and easy to use, ski skins from Pomoca are also easy for skiers to pack, with 40 percent less volume than the membranes found on standard ski skins. As an added benefit of the Pomoca and Elkem Silicones innovation, skiers can wash their ski skins to renew their adhesiveness without having to reapply glue to the skin.