Resistant and Versatile Construction silicone sealants

Sealants are pasty products that have the property of adhering to the walls of a support while generally keeping their flexible structure. Sealants make it possible to create a tight between two elements, identical or different.

Silicone coating is based on polysiloxane as film forming material, which inherits the excellent properties of silicone materials, especially for weather resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low resistance and anti-doodling that plays an important role in the protection and decoration of buildings.

Professionals in the building and construction sectors need high-performance and cost-effective sealants to deliver what consumers and homeowners demand. Overtime, construction sealants will have to face all sorts of climates and environmental hazards - wind, rain, frost, pollution but also earthquakes and hurricanes in some regions - that may accelerate the ageing of building parts and to increase energy resources consumption.

What are the primary roles of construction sealants?

  • Sustainably withstand the mechanical stresses and deformations of materials induced by variations in temperature and humidity.
  • Cope with external hazards (water, air, UV, heat, fires, gas, chemicals, biological agents, etc.).
  • Ensure bonding functions thanks to its adhesion performance.

What are the main advantages of silicone materials for construction sealants?

Construction silicone sealants stand out primarily by their elasticity, their resistance to bad weather, and therefore their longevity compared to other sealant materials. Construction silicone sealants effectively seal the interface between building components and provide flexible weatherproof joints to adapt to the movement of the surfaces. Construction silicone coating solutions (link to Building Protection page) also exist and will form a weatherproofing protective layer on the exterior surface of the building material to prevent them from being directly exposed to various environment conditions.

Construction silicone sealants are the material of choice for multiple applications:

  • Silicones sealants for windows & doors
  • Silicones sealants for transportation infrastructures
  • Silicones sealants for interior decoration
  • Silicones sealants for building facades and cladding
  • Silicones sealants for prefabricated buildings
  • Silicones sealants for insulated glass panes
  • Silicones sealants for kitchens and bathroom
  • Silicones coating for building roof protection
  • Silicones coating for corrosion protection
  • Silicones coating for exterior/interior protection

Our product offering

Elkem Silicones has supplied the building and construction industry since 1957, when it invented the first Silicone sealant. Today, we promote various dedicated construction silicone material lines:

  • BLUESIL™ & STARSIL™ Acetoxy Sealant technology for general purpose and specialty applications, including sanitary products, which offer fast curing, storage stability and long shelf life.
  • BLUESIL™ & STARSIL™ Alkoxy sealant technology (neutral) in filled and unfilled versions, offering high adhesion properties and high & low modulus levels.
  • BLUESIL™ & STARSIL™ Oxime sealant technology (neutral) in filled and unfilled types, offering wide adhesion properties, good movement capacity and excellent weatherproofing performance.
  • BLUESIL™ & STARSIL™ Coating solution for exterior and interior application, provide waterproof, weatherproof, anti-corrosion and long service life performance, meet environmental and health requirements.

Why choose Elkem Silicones for your sealants?

For the last 60 years, Elkem Silicones has been committed to researching energy-efficient solutions for sustainable buildings. Over the decades, the team has paid close attention to the evolution of its customers requirements but also national and industry standards as well as environmental regulations. We have now established ranges of products that meet the most specific requirements worldwide.


Our Products

Our experts selection:

  • SLT 3E
  • BLUESIL SLT 6829
  • BLUESIL SLT 6828
  • BLUESIL SLT 6818