Silicone for aerospace engineering excellence

A reliable partner for Aeronautics & Aerospace

Aeronautics, aerospace OEMs and their tier suppliers need reliable products and solutions, which protect their critical mechanical and electronic components to withstand harsh atmospheric and space conditions. Silicones are widely used in parts assembly, absorbing vibrations and lubrication of moving parts, as well as for the potting and encapsulation of electronics and electrical insulation.

Elkem Silicones provides reliable products and solutions for aeronautics and aerospace. For over 40 years, we have been a trusted supplier to the industry, a partner in sustainably managing critical applications and complying with aviation standards. We produce a wide range of specific materials used in mechanical, electrical, and sealing applications, from the cockpit to the engine via passenger and cargo sections:

Bluesil™ Potting encapsulants and dampening materials protecting electronics in the cockpit

CAF™ and CAF™ AXAD adhesives and gaskets for windows

Bluesil™ Abradable seals for moving parts, composite molding, etc.

Bluesil™ Lubricants

CAF™ and CAF™ AXAD Engine and assembly materials, including form-in-place and cured-in-place gaskets