Silicone release agents get you out of the stickiest situations

Release agents enter into manufacturing processes in a wide range of industries. From food processing to industrial production through medical devices and home cooking products, silicones are the release agents of choice.

They are used for releasing molded products, such as rubber in tire making, polyurethane in architectural molds, plastics in injection molding or steel in die-casting. Silicones are particularly efficient in these processes because they create an anti-friction layer and provide non-stick and lubricant properties.

In the food processing industry, silicones help make food-packaging containers, molds for bakery ware and wine stoppers offering non-stick surfaces, slip control and organoleptic neutrality. Silicones are also widely used as bakery paper release agents (“baking parchment” or “greaseproof papers”) because they resist high oven temperature and offer premium release.

Silicones, with their low surface tension and excellent thermal stability, are easily spread onto many different substrates, including irregular or fine surfaces (metal surfaces, conveyor belts, food containers, etc.).

To reduce unwanted silicone transfer and migration they can be formulated in “reactive systems”. Furthermore, their chemical inertness provides protection against corrosion or deformation. Wherever they are used, silicones contribute to lowering maintenance costs and improving production processes.

Elkem Silicones has developed several product lines that provide the right release characteristics in a variety of processes for very different industries. These include:

  • Silcolease™ , release coatings, ensure that coated papers and films have the non-stick performance necessary for several applications, including label making, graphic arts, electronics tapes and other processes requiring precision release.
  • Bluesil™, used in release systems in transport, electrics and electronics, architecture, construction and other industrial activities.
  • Silbione™, used in release systems for baking and cooking utensils, cork and wine stopper processing, medical devices and implants.
  • Lyndcoat™, used in tire manufacturing, provides ease of demolding and excellent slip for perfectly symmetric tires.

Elkem Silicones has developed specific product lines that cater to each sector. We work closely with our customers on a case-by-case basis to develop and customize the right products for the right purposes, with access to related silicone technologies and to the expertise within our international group. This is sustained by long-term R&D partnerships.


Silcolease™ Silicone Release Coatings

Silicones in "release coating" application and substrate choice

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