Adding Specification parameters

Elkem Silicones guarantees our products to meet their specifications, so you can be sure of the quality control on the products you buy from us.  But perhaps you need parameters additional to those that we are already measuring?  Our ability to add others will depend on the product and, particularly in the unlikely case that it lies outside our current extensive QC capabilities, may require a price surcharge, but we will be happy to consider doing this for you.  Please contact your local sales representative to discuss this service.

Product files

Do you need information for the homologation of your product using one of Elkem Silicones’ as ingredient?  For example, a PPAP for an automotive application.  We have wide-ranging experience of providing this type of support across the varying formats required to meet the needs of different markets.  Let us help you with our rigorous processes for quality documentation.


Want to look behind the scenes?  Documents like Elkem Silicones’ ISO certifications meet most customer needs (all our manufacturing sites are certified to ISO 9001 standard), but we recognize that sometimes it is necessary to experience our Quality Management System for yourself, or to view the equipment, procedures, numbering & tracking systems etc. that we use when making products for you.  We attempt to honor requests for audits, but we are constrained by considerations around your safety, the confidentiality of other customers, the protection of Elkem’s intellectual property, etc.  If you really must audit our premises or processes, please ask and let’s see what we can agree.

Business and Product continuity plan

Elkem Silicones operates an Incident Management Protocol which includes steps for preventive actions to avoid disruptions and for appropriate reactions to mitigate their risk.  We understand that when you are purchasing a product you want to be able to source the same product, to the same quality, for as long as you need it.  But it’s not a perfect world and sometimes regulations require that we reformulate products, or factors beyond our control mean that we must stop manufacturing certain products.  We are willing to discuss your requirements for pre-notification of such events and for ‘last chance to buy’ options.  Please contact your local sales representative.

Questionnaires & Compliance

We all want to know who we are depending on.  So, whether it is for pre-qualification of Elkem Silicones as a supplier, or for continuing monitoring of our supply, you may need a questionnaire completed or a quality certificate; perhaps to understand our Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy; maybe to know more about our Management of Change (MoC) or raw material & product traceability.  Whatever it is, please ask, Because We Care.