Supply Chain

Express Delivery

When do you need your product? We will rush your order to meet your schedule

If you require your order sooner than our standard lead time, our Teams will do their upmost to deliver at your earliest convenience.

Samples Management

To provide you with the best suited product for your needs, we can supply you with samples so that you can test our own products and be convinced about their quality and efficiency.

You have access to samples of our products and technologies, in no time.

Supply Chain Collaboration

Imagine the benefits of a properly constructed supply chain collaboration program?

An effective supply chain will seek to understand its customer’s needs and provide the services required

Let’s co-operate to establish the most effective supply chain between us

Spending time to understand you is essential to us to provide you with the required service consistently.

Our approach is to dedicated time with you in order to discuss your specific challenges.

Inventory Solutions

Sometimes, you prefer to delegate the responsibility for setting or maintaining raw material stock level to the us.

The solution to this type of request is what we call the Vendor Managed Inventory (or VMI). It means that we can build and deploy the appropriate amount of stock to serve you according to the level of service they require. You can count on stocks to support your product needs at the right time

Delivery Customization

The main goal of customizing a delivery is to ensure that all products are well protected during transit and arrive to your door in prime condition.

But we are willing to go beyond the packaging aspects and will strive to propose taylor made services depending on what your requirements are.

We have a large variety of customized distribution possibilities for these delivery services. They can range from modifications to standard offloading equipment, tracking devices, or even the language spoken by the driver and more.

We will adapt deliveries to meet your own constraints.

Minimum Order Quantity Exception

Our standard conditions include a Minimum Order Quantity (or MOQ) for some of our products.

However, exceptions can be made:

There are 2 types of situations for an MOQ:

You can evaluate our products by buying the right quantities you need, or you can order recurring small quantities of product.