Technical Services

Technical Laboratory Study

If you require further information on performance of specific product or application test, we can carry lab studies for you that will permit to get a written report  and recommend the best solutions to answer your needs.

Our Technical Laboratory Studies will allow you to improve your products by having access to R&D expertise.

Innovation Project

Thanks to a joint development partnership you can have access to more expertise through our collaborative network (academics, universities, competitive clusters, …) which allows you get benefit brand new solution and get it exclusively.

Therefore, you can overcome your long-term challenges and prepare your future with the full access of our multidisciplinary teams.

Training Program

We offer Training course related to Silicones Chemistry and Applications animated by our Technical Service expert. Those training may include some basics about silicone, specific applications, but also about HSE if needed.

Thanks to this access of our silicone knowledge, you will valorize your product and fasten your processes.

Special Application Test

Testing product is an important part of the qualification process. You need to be sure that our technical solution are efficient and robust. Special Application Test are available to provide you an access to our equipment and written reports including expertise analysis of results.

You can successfully run your operations and product development by accessing our experience and high-end laboratory equipment.

Test or Analyses on customer finished products

On your request, Elkem Silicones can carry out application tests, or provide access to analytical equipment to evaluate your finished products. Preliminary discussion will allow us to evaluate properly work to be done by our technical expert.

It will allow you to secure your market introduction and product quality thanks to our robust test method on finished product support.

Minor Modifications of existing product (MiMod)

Silicones can be used in a large range of applications which is why in some case, you need to require tailor made solutions that must meet your own constraints or cahier des charges. If you need to adapt one characteristic on one of our commercial product, we can make those modifications for you.

Thanks to the reactivity of technical service experts you will be able to quickly strengthen your competitiveness, profit customized and innovative solution.