Environmental compliance

Environmental impact is one of Elkem´s key focus areas. Our EHS philosophy is to run operations with resource-efficient processes where negative environmental impacts are minimised throughout the value chain. Elkem is therefore committed to always stay within the rules and regulations governing environmental laws and regulations. Compliance is followed up by each plant as well as by the corporate EHS department and management through business reviews. All environmental deviations are documented, investigated and managed, even if they are within permit levels and legal restrictions, to learn from them and initiate actions to avoid them from happening again.

In 2019, there were no reported material deviations causing risk of environmental effects. There were however minor short-term deviations from operating permits at some plants. These were quickly resolved and did not exceed annual limits or trigger administrative sanctions or fines.

In 2018 our Chinese plants have been subject to close scrutiny from the Chinese environmental authorities as part of the general tightening of environmental regulations in China. Based on new regulations that were implemented abruptly some of our activities were temporarily closed down and ordered to invest in new abatement systems. This is being done in full compliance with requirements and all applicable activities have returned to operational status.

Incidents in 2019
No material deviation causing risk of environmental effect in 2019.