Governing documents and tools

Elkem has dedicated governing documents and a number of tools to ensure that our organisation understands our priorities and requirements in the areas of sustainability and social responsibility, and are enabled to comply with them. In addition to these policies and tools, we publish a sustainability report annually, documenting activities and results.

Elkem Business System (EBS)

Elkem Business System (EBS) is the fundament for how the organisation works to reach our goals and to achieve continous improvement in all parts of the value chain. One important principle in EBS is to eliminate waste, through utilising raw materials and energy in the best possible way to secure a sustainable future for the company.

Elkem's EHS management system (FOKUS)

‘Focus’ is Elkem’s programme for environment, health and safety in the workplace. Elkem has a vision of zero injuries and occupational illnesses, and works systematically to achieve this vision. Reports are prepared for each business area every month. The reports include an overview of undesired incidents and near-accidents as well as lessons to prevent similar incidents in future.

General policy

Elkem’s General policy sets out the main objectives of the company and the overall principles for how Elkem and its employees shall conduct their work.

Elkem policy for corporate social responsibility

Elkem’s policy for maintaining Elkem’s social responsibility describes the overarching requirements related to the work on social responsibility, areas of responsibility within the organisation and routines for ensuring compliance with the basic principles described in ‘Principles for social responsibility’. The principles provide an overview of what Elkem emphasises in connection with safeguarding basic human rights, the employees’ rights as workers, environmental concerns, a sustainable exploitation of natural resources and business integrity. You can find the policy for corporate social responsibility online.
It is also available in Norwegian (policy for samfunnsansvar).

Code of conduct

Elkem’s Code of conduct apply to all Elkem employees. The guidelines include topics such as each employee’s responsibility for ensuring that Elkem maintains a high EHS standard, for ensuring that discrimination and harassment do not occur, for the prohibition on corrupt actions, for the management of confidential information, for compliance with competition rules and for accuracy in public reporting. A basic principle is that all employees shall comply with and respect laws wherever they are. All Elkem employees must sign the Code of conduct. You can read our Code of conduct here.

Whistle blowing

Elkem has an internal notification service that employees can use to note their concerns about possible breaches of Elkem’s ethical guidelines or other possible unethical or illegal actions.

Anti-corruption policy

Corruption prevents economic development, distorts competition and undermines both the rule of law and democratic processes. Consequently, Elkem does not permit or tolerate engagement in any form of corruption. The anti-corruption policy defines different forms of corruption and how it must be avoided. The policy is coupled with an obligatory e-learning course that helps key personnel detect and avoid situations that may be problematic and against the law.

Competition law compliance policy

It is Elkem’s general policy to compete vigorously and fairly in full compliance with the relevant laws and regulations applicable to our business. Competition law prohibits certain types of anti-competitive conduct. Absolute compliance with Competition law is expected of all Elkem employees and the Competition law compliance policy describes conduct that will or can infringe the Competition law.

Elkems risk management instruction    

Elkem’s risk management instructions emphasises all types of risk that can affect the business. The purpose of instruction is to ensure a systematic approach to risk management within Elkem. Risk management shall ensure that risks that are significant to Elkem’s goals are surveyed, analysed and handled at as early a stage as possible and in a systematic and cost-efficient manner. Elkem’s experience indicates that investment in proactive risk-reducing measures carries significantly lower costs than reacting retroactively.

Elkem's supplier requirements

Elkem’s supplier requirements impose requirements on risk-exposed suppliers regarding human rights and responsible environmental management. Elkem’s standard procurement contracts refer to Elkem’s principles for social responsibility as a requirement for signing contracts. Elkem provides training and implements supplier audits, and continuously work with ensuring full compliance throughout the value chain for bulk goods on the world market.

Elkem's tax strategy

Elkem is fully committed to complying with tax laws in each jurisdiction in which we operate. Our approach to tax is based on transparency and we cooperate with tax authorities to ensure full compliance. Elkem’s tax strategy is outlined below in accordance with our duty under Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016. Read more about our approach to tax here.