Circular Economy – How we maximise the use of raw materials in quartz production

Did you know that the raw materials used for quartz production also has a wide range of uses in dairy farms and golf courses?

Erimsa is a quartz company located in Spain that has been wholly owned by Elkem since 2015. In order to produce quartz, the raw material for doing Silicon, two thirds of the processed quartz are not suitable to be used due to its size or quality.

Put into value this rejected mineral is vital for Erimsa in order to reduce waste and get incomes from it, meaning a cost reduction for quartz. A #circulareconomy strategy has been developed starting in the 90’s, by classifying this rejected material in order to produce aggregates for the general construction markets, such as building or public works projects.  

Then, counteracting the 2009 economic crisis, Erimsa developed higher-end markets such as agri-food with bed for cows, sport and leisure with sands of golf courses or football fields.

Nowadays, Erimsa sell 100,000 tons per year of these special aggregates and new specialties for Industrial applications are launched.

This article was prepared with Louis Vovelle, Cor Oldenziel & Jose Antonio Valencia