Direct rail connection reduce carbon emission

The direct rail connection offer a sustainable, reliable and cost efficient option for the regular transportation of Elkem Silicon products to Elkem Silicones.

Euro Nordic arranged the first direct train transport for 17 containers from Moerdijk, The Netherlands to Lyon, France. These containers are loaded with Silicon produced Elkem Salten for destination Elkem Silicones at Roussillion, France. 

The containers were shipped per seavessel Ms. NCL Svelgen from Elkem Salten to Moerdijk. At the Moerdijk Terminal, these containers were reloaded onto railcars for further transport to Lyon. This first direct train departed from Moerdijk on 4 February 2021.

This new direct rail connection from Moerdijk to Lyon, will offer a sustainable, reliable and cost efficient option for the regular deliveries of Elkem Silicon products to Elkem Silicones in Roussillion and will contribute to Elkem's sustainability ambition to improve Elkem's carbon footprint.

The rail connection to will reduce carbon emissions by 53% compared to the former multi modal standard solution. The new set up will also be a more robust solution, reducing the need for emergency shipments by trucks directly to Lyon. Compared to this option, CO₂ emissions are cut by 94%.

Within short, more sustainability improvements in Elkem Logistics will be implemented such as installing solar panels on the roof of the Elkem warehouses in Moerdijk, changing to LED lightning and warehouse operations with electric forklift trucks.

Picture 1 and 2: Elkem containers loaded onto railcars at the Moerdijk terminal.