Elkem compliance champions

"We have launched a network of compliance champions", says corporate compliance officer Julie Leypoldt.

Colleagues from a wide range of functions and geographical locations serve as compliance champions. They act as the “voice of compliance,” assisting in implementing compliance-lead initiatives and encouraging a Speak-up culture. They keep their ear to the ground, informing us of any developments that may be relevant from a Compliance perspective, escalating adverse events and identifying opportunities to share successes and lessons, Leypoldt explains.

"I am excited to represent our plant in the compliance champion network for Americas", says procurement manager at Elkem Carbon Brazil, Antonio Passos.

Business integrity is a vital part to success for all of Elkem's plants. "That is why I am looking forward to sharing experiences with other members of the Americas and global compliance champion network going forward", Passos adds.

This article was first published in Elkem's sustainability report 2019