ELSEAL® Type G: new product makes aluminum production greener

Elkem Carbon’s product ELSEAL® type G makes aluminum production greener and safer by removing harmful exposure to carcinogenic PHA (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) compounds. 

Aluminum is produced at temperatures of 950 °C in specially designed production units. To prevent liquid metal and corrosive electrolyte from damaging the inner parts of the cathode lining, which holds the molten materials in place, a ramming paste is required that seals the gaps between and around the cathode blocks.

Traditional ramming paste products use coal tar pitch as a binder. Coal tar pitch contains PHAs. Several of the PAH compounds are carcinogenic and classified as a health hazard. They can also be emitted into the workplace atmosphere, and they comply with the handling of waste material.

ELSEAL® Type G is developed as an alternative to coal tar pitch-based ramming paste. In contains no PHA nor other hazardous substances. There are no emissions of PHA during use and workers will not be exposed to these potentially harmful compounds. While ELSEAL® Type G is greener and safer, it still has the same or improved technical performance compared to existing products. It has proven performance under challenging electrolysis conditions where the combination of high temperature and corrosive bath is a though environment. It is classified as non-hazardous according to present regulations like GHS (globally harmonized system) and the EU/EEA regulations REACH and CLP (classification, labeling and packaging). The product is essentially odorless, easy to handle and does not form any harmful waste. Furthermore, it has improved storage stability.