Employment initiatives at Elkem Rana

In close cooperation with the local public employment office, Elkem Rana employs people without formal competence in a 10 week training programme. After the training, Elkem Rana evaluates the employees for permanent positions at the plant.

People standing outside of the work force are resources that are not being used and are a challenge for both the local community where they live, and for themselves as they are not using their potential to participate in the workforce. People can experience hurdles when trying to return to the work force after a pause with possible gaps in their CVs or if they have had problems in the past.

Getting especially young people into the workforce is a focus for local and national authorities in Norway. Even though more and more young adults are finishing high school in Norway, certain regions like Nordland, where Elkem Rana is based, still have lower rates. Nordland has the second lowest rate in Norway. Elkem’s challenge in a region like this is to get the right people with the right background for employment at the plant. This programme is one way to attract and hire the right employees.

Elkem Rana has implemented KPIs on this, as part of their social responsibility in the local community. Several of their permanent employees started in this programme and were able to show their potential. Together with the local employment office, Elkem helps these people normalise their work day, through predictable work hours and routines. Meeting at the agreed time and doing the work set out for them can be a challenge for people that have been outside the work force for some time and is seen as one of the most important success factors for the people in training.