Process21: Roadmap to zero emissions

The initiative of Process21 was launched in the white paper about Norwegian industry in March 2017 (Meld. St. 27 (2016-2017)). In 2018, the forum was formally established by the Norwegian government. Process21 shall give strategic advice and recommendations to the government and other actors on how to combine sustainable growth and reduced emissions from the process industry.

The Prosess21 has a steering committee lead by Elkem’s SVP Technology, Håvard Moe. The steering committee has representatives from the industry, academia and representatives from the tripartite constituents. Here, Håvard Moe tells us about Prosess21 and his thoughts on how the process industry will have to develop to adapt to the low carbon society of the future.

What is Prosess21 and why do we need it?
– Prosess21 is a national forum set up by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. The strategy process will end up with advice and recommendations to the Government and other stakeholders on how the process industry can take a leading role in the transition into a low emission society. Part of the recommendations will be to advise how the government’s funding agencies better can support the transition. The final report will be handed over to the ministry in December 2020.

– The Paris climate agreement of 2015, our participation in the EU Emission Trading System (ETS) and the Norwegian Parliament’s decision that Norway shall be a low carbon society in 2050 are all important frameworks for the process industries development in the coming years. The process industry is an integral part of this future and we have a clear vision: Increased value creation from the industry with zero emissions in 2050

What are these ”21 strategies” about?
– The 21 strategies are based on the well established three party collaboration between government, workers unions and business organisations. We are used to work together to find the best solutions on central and great societal challenges. Involvement from the relevant parts has been a key to the success of the tripartite agreement, and that is what the “21 strategies” are based on too. 

– There has been several “21 strategy”-groups previously, covering different industries, sectors and technology areas. The main reason to organise this kind of strategic work, is to ensure that R&D and innovation policy, design and structure of the government and the strategic ambitions and needs that businesses have correlate. That is why the 21 strategies that have been organised have a high involvement from the business sector.

What is the goal of Prosess21?
– Prosess21 has two goals. The first is to reduce the emissions from the industry. The second is to make sure that the industry continues to contribute to value creation in Norway, within the framework of the Paris climate agreement. The forum is set to take into account how the process industry in Norway and our technological development in Norway can have indirect effect on cuts in emissions in other sectors and businesses, both in Norway and globally. I believe that the process industry in Norway has the opportunity to be at the forefront of technology to achieve this, and hopefully it will spread and create a positive impact in the world as we move towards a low carbon society.

How does the Prosess21 work?
– The steering committee collaborates closely with the secretariat to set up our goals and activities. We will organise expert groups to assess key topics related to reduced emissions and increased value creation. The first expert groups are currently being established for entrepreneurship in the process industry sector, product and service development, bio economy, carbon capture and storage (CCS) and digitalisation. During the next 18 months, the expert groups will have a deep dive into their strategic task and give their advice. Our aim is that the first expert group will give their recommendation in August 2019.

You started the work in 2018, what have you done so far?
– Mobilisation of the industry and other stakeholders has been the main focus in 2018. We have visited the industrial areas in Norway to meet people in the industry, academia and local government. The aim is to engage over 100 companies in the strategy process. So far, the response and feedback have been very positive. If the broad engagement continues, I am quite confident that work done by the Process21 forum will contribute to sustainable development of the Norwegian process industry over the next decade.

Elkem's SVP Technology Håvard Moe together with Norwegian minister of Trade and Industry, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen.