Silicones class for kids in Shanghai, China

Every summer, the Silicones Shanghai R&D Centre welcomes children to chemistry classes.

- Children normally learn chemistry from books, and its applications in our daily life are not included in the teaching. The summer school’s experiments are closely linked to the daily life. This way the Silicones class awakens the children’s curiosity for chemistry, says Richard Li, Elkem Silicones Asia Pacific R&D Manager. The class also covers the theoretical part of silicone chemistry.

Silicone is in many ways a magic material and captures the children’s interest. Funny and lively experiments showcase a variety of silicones applications in our daily life. The silicones class also wants the children to discover the possibilities of using different silicones applications to develop practical solutions in environmental protection.

The Silicones class in Shanghai is held every summer vacation.

This article was first published in Elkem’s sustainability report 2016.