Sustainable 3D printing with silicones

- a breakthrough for health-care markets.

Silicones are the number one material of choice in many industries due to their  outstanding properties like biocompatibility, transparency, heat resistance and flexibility at low temperatures. 

Personalized products to the health-care market
Elkem Silicones launched a project in 2017 to integrate silicones into 3D printing in order to be the first to offer personalized orthoses, prostheses, anatomic models and long-term implants to the health-care market.

Sustainable manufacturing process

With 3D printing, each part is printed dot by dot using only the necessary amount of silicone. This way Elkem will be able to reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable manufacturing process.

The project is based on the open innovation culture at Elkem Silicones with academic and industrial partnerships, and is supported by the French authorities through fundings of a collaboration platform for 3D printing. The aim is to build an industry cluster around sustainable 3D printing, to be among the leaders in the field and to further develop new markets adapted 3D printing technologies by using silicones.

This article was first published in Elkem's sustainability magazine 2017.