Tech on Wheels in India

In Mumbai the organistation Masoom, a non-profit organistation, launched the Tech on Wheels program together with Elkem in 2016. 

Tech on Wheels is a computer education van for night school students. It is used for spreading science and technology education, life-skills program for boys and girls, a girls leadership program, spreading the importance of education in underprivileged communities, street plays and community awareness programs.

Night school students in India are laborers aged 15-21, who work during the day to support their families and study at night to complete their education. They mostly live in slums and come from a poor background. The Tech on Wheels bus provides the students with access to online resources and innovative educational programming. The students also get an international outlook, by exchanging ideas and thoughts with students from USA, through video letters and skype communication.

In 2016.17 Tech on Wheels reached out to around 350 students in 16 schools. In 2017-18 the number of students were 400. In 2018-19 Masoom has plans to reach out to 800 students from 30 schools with the help of its partner organisations. Since the initiative started, Elkem has encouraged other companies to come forward and now a second Tech on Wheels bus has been launched.

Masoom is a non-profit organisation establishing quality education in night schools. Masoom is based in Mumbai and works with 60 night school, reaching 15,000 students in Maharashtra.