Responsible business conduct

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Successful business depends on confidence and a good reputation. Elkem requires its employees and representatives to promote our values towards colleagues, business associates and society at large.

In accordance with established Elkem principles and business values Elkem has a strong commitment to operate in accordance with responsible, ethical and sound business principles and to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Code of conduct

Elkem’s code of conduct is based on the principles of honesty and respect, and must be complied with regardless of where our operations are carried out. Elkem’s code of conduct has been approved by the board of directors and applies for all employees and representatives.

We encourage an open discussion about responsible conduct and expect all employees to raise any concerns they might have about unethical and/or illegal behaviour. Reporting concerns and complaints can be done confidentially and if necessary anonymously.

Violation of Elkem’s code of conduct will not be tolerated and may lead to internal disciplinary action, dismissal or ultimately to civil legal action or criminal prosecution. Should an improper practice or irregularity occur within Elkem we will make the necessary corrections and take remedial action, also with the object of preventing recurrence.

  • Goal code of conduct commitment/signatory: 100 per cent
  • Result 2015*: 100 per cent


Elkem does not permit or tolerate any form of corruption. Corruption prevents economic development, distorts competition and undermines the rule of law, well-functioning national and international markets and democratic processes.

Elkem is present in several countries where corruption is generally acknowledged as an issue of great concern. Elkem’s policy on anti-corruption applies group wide, world wide. Several countries’ anti-corruption regimes imply extraterritorial application and observing local law only is therefore not sufficient. Elkem’s anti-corruption manual explains and elaborates the content and implications of the anti-corruption policy for Elkem’s employees, representatives and partners. Each Elkem business unit is responsible for understanding the specific challenges regarding anti-corruption, the anti-corruption regulations applicable to its operations and for adopting adequate anti-corruption guidance and measures.

Elkem personnel considered exposed to corruption risk must complete training in Elkem’s anti-corruption policy and manual, which includes real life dilemmas. Absolute compliance with Elkem’s anti-corruption policy is required by all Elkem employees at all times. Any failure to comply with applicable anti-corruption regulations will be considered a serious breach of the employee’s obligations towards Elkem and will most likely result in termination of the employment or other applicable sanctions.

  • Goal on anti-corruption training and signatories: 100 per cent
  • Result completed anti-corruption training - 2014/2015*: 100 per cent

Compliance with competition law

It is Elkem’s general policy to compete vigorously and fairly in full compliance with relevant laws and regulations applicable to our business. Compliance is of special importance in the field of competition law, and Elkem has adopted a Competition Law Policy as well as a compliance programme to ensure group wide compliance on this matter. Absolute compliance with competition law is expected of all Elkem employees. No employee should ever assume that it is not in Elkem’s interest to comply with competition law. Any failure to take proper care to comply with competition law will be considered a serious breach of the employee’s obligations towards Elkem.

Elkem has developed a manual that describes conduct that will or might infringe competition law. Elkem personnel considered exposed to competition law issues are required to participate in competition law training facilitated by Elkem. Business unit leaders have the responsibility to take steps to implement Elkem’s policy in their respective organisations.

  • Goal implementation of competition law training: 100 per cent
  • Result implementation on competition law trainging - 2014/2015*: 100 per cent
  • Result signatories competition law - 2014/2015*: 100 per cent.

* Numbers excluding business area Silicones, which was formally included in Elkem June 2015.