Material topics for Elkem

The materiality assessment table highlights Elkem´s priority issues on sustainability based on comprehensive dialogue with both internal and external stakeholders. The material topics with highest priority in our materiality assessment can be found at the top right of the table.

Corporate social responsibility includes a wide range of issues for a global and complex group like Elkem. Over the past years, Elkem has expanded its operations from solely being a producer of silicon and ferrosilicon. Today Elkem’s value chain includes silicones, thus creating a vertically integrated value chain covering all steps of the process from quartz mining to a wide range of advanced silicon and silicone-based speciality products.

Following the changes, Elkem has worked to identify topics that may be considered material for the whole Elkem value chain. The analysis identifies the economic, social, governance and environmental impact of Elkem’s operations and the consequences this has on our stakeholder’s assessment of us.

In 2018, Elkem surveyed key internal and external stakeholders that are either impacted by the company’s operations, or whom, in different ways, have an impact on the company. The stakeholder engagement process improved the analysis of materiality and was done to ensure compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Emphasis in 2019 has been on reporting progress on the topics identified as material in 2018.