Societal impact

Elkem’s operations have significant impact on society throughout the value chain. In addition to own operations, Elkem also has a significant footprint through its procurement of raw materials, capital goods and services. We set high standards for ethical conduct and social responsibility in our supply chain and monitor it closely.

This impact has both positive and negative sides. On the positive side, our operations create stable employment and tax revenue in addition to developing and producing products and materials that are essential to our way of life and to the changes that are necessary as we see the effects of climate change. On the negative side there is high energy usage and harmful emissions that must be closely monitored and effectively mitigated.

The process industry plays a major role in the transition to a low carbon society. In addition to reducing own emissions and increasing energy efficiency, Elkem contributes to the green transformation by delivering materials, technology and solutions that are necessary for the transformation in other businesses and sectors around the world. Solar panels, wind mills, electric vehicles, low emission transportation and infrastructure, smart phones, batteries and cables are all dependant on products and materials produced by companies like Elkem.

Global megatrends affect our business strategy and drive growth for Elkem’s products and solutions. This requires that we specialise. Elkem's products serve demand driven by six megatrends that are strategically important to Elkem: Sustainability, energy demand, rapid urbanisation, increased standard of living, ageing and growing population, and digitalisation. In the illustration you can see how the different global trends are linked to our process, products and solutions, and how we contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Elkem believes sustainability is both a responsibility and a prerequisite to be at the forefront of our industry and to remain competitive in the future.


Human rights
No identified incidents of human rights abuse.
16 billion NOK
Total procurement spend in 2019.
Screening of suppliers
All new raw material suppliers are subject to supplier audit (ex. China).